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Undergraduate research

Participating in research allows you to gain knowledge and experience in a specific area of interest to you. In most cases, undergraduate students join research projects already led by faculty members; however, some students are able to initiate a research project and receive guidance from a faculty member. 

In addition to addressing a problem that may be personal to you and your community, research allows you to build a diverse professional network of faculty and other student researchers. Research experience can help you choose a career path, adds projects to your resume and prepares you to apply for grants and internships. Some students are able to author a journal article or present their findings at a conference, which helps to prepare them for graduate school or careers in research. 

Many faculty in the College of Health Solutions focus on translational science. Most health challenges have multiple layers (medical, geographic, environmental, psychosocial and cultural) and addressing just one factor often misses the most effective solutions. Translational teams connect university researchers with students, clinical and community partners, and industry innovators to do research that addresses community and individual health needs.

How do you get involved with research? 

  1. Determine what research interests you.
  2. Find a faculty advisor whose research aligns with your interests.
  3. Register for course credit, if needed.

Determine your interests

Find a faculty advisor.

  • Review the Health Solutions faculty directory and ASU faculty research profiles to identify who is doing research in an area of interest to you.
  • After reviewing their information and reading some of their publications, email the faculty with whom you are interested in working or stop by their office hours.
  • If a faculty member is not able to work with you, ask for recommendations of other faculty with similar research interests who might be available.

Register for course credit.

Most students who choose to receive course credit for their research enroll in CHS 494: Undergraduate Research. To register, email with your name, ASU ID number, the name of the faculty member who will oversee your research and the number of credits for which you would like to register. Each credit equals approximately 45 hours of work over the course of the semester.

Research poster templates

Students are encouraged to use one of these research poster templates.

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