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How can an internship support coordinator help you?

  • Assistance with using the College of Health Solutions Placements Database
  • Pre-internship guidance
  • Guidance throughout your internship

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Jessie Helmes, internship support coordinator

Jessie Helmes, Internship Support Coordinator

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HSC 484, Health Sciences Degrees
MED 484, Medical Studies Degrees
POP 444, Public Health Degrees
HCD 484, Science of Health Care Delivery Degrees
EXW 484, Exercise and Wellness
KIN 484, Kinesiology Degrees
SSP 484, Sports Science and Performance
HSC 484, Online
HLC 484, Online


Madeline Christus Internship Support Coordinator

Madeline Christus, Internship Support Coordinator

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SHS 484 Online and SLPA students