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An internship is a short-term, hands-on, supervised experience with a professional organization. It differs from a part-time job or volunteer experience in that an internship is intended to increase your knowledge in a specific career field, allow you to develop additional skills and provides quality mentorship.

As a student in the College of Health Solutions, you will be guided and supported in finding the best internship experience for you and your health career aspirations. Our Community Placements team supports students throughout their internship experiences.

Please work with your academic advisor to discuss internship prerequisites and course registration.

Step 01

Prepare your resume and cover letter

The resume and cover letter is the first contact you will have as an intern. Put your best foot forward; ensure your resume and cover letter are flawless.

Step 02

Identify 5-10 internship sites to which you will apply

Step 05

Internship offers and ASU approval

  • The internship course is a class just like any other at ASU. You must be enrolled in the appropriate 484 or 444 class through My ASU before you may accept an academic internship for credit.
  • The Internship Learning Agreement (ILA) can only be generated within six weeks of your class start date. We encourage students to request a written letter (or email) from the site to confirm their internship offer until the ILA can be generated.
  • You must receive approval from an internship support coordinator of your ILA (via the CHS Placements Database) before you may accumulate any hours at your internship site.
  •   Watch video tutorial of how to create an ILA